About Monkey Hangup

My wife Sandy and I are the proud parents of three adult daughters in Ohio. We’ve been married over 30 years and the time has flown by. We totally understand the demands on a parent’s time are crazy. As an Engineer and a Marketing major, we often discussed products that should be invented to help young parents.


It wasn’t until our girls graduated that we found the time to get serious about these thoughts. And that’s when and how we invented the Monkey Hangup. We believed all along that preschoolers were smart and capable....but short! Why not create a  product that allows them to do big things with their short size? Here’s what we were thinking:

• Make a clothes hanger for preschoolers with a long neck so they could hang up and get down their own clothes!

• Make it in bright colors and give it a fun, friendly shape so they’d love it and see it as a hanger that belonged to them!
• Make it responsibly in the USA. The world doesn’t need China to make everything and we all benefit from good manufacturing jobs.
• So are we just selling a hanger?....NO! We’re selling a little less frazzle for parents. We’re selling children learning good habits early. And we’re selling time for a second cup of coffee while your preschoolers get themselves dressed!

A big "Thank You" from Ohio!
Jim and Sandy Smith