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Loveable, Helpful Hangers!

Preschooler hangers they can use themselves!


The World's only Extended Reach hangers for preschoolers!
Promotes Success & Responsibility

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Available In 4 Fun Colors

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Benefits to Monkey Hangups

Little Girl with Monkey Hangup
Teaches  Responsibility

Give your children the chance to hang up their own clothes. Monkey Hangups give kids the ability to independently hang up or get down their clothes from the closet. Your children can start taking responsibility for their closets earlier.

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Use different colors for different children or different types of clothes ie: blue for play, green for school.

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Lets Children Be Successful

Children love being able to do things themselves - just like a big person! They imitate what they see.  They can watch how you hang your clothes and successfully hang their own ~ with their fun and playful hangers!

Family hanging out
Allows Time
For You!

No more “Mom! Dad! I need you to hang this” or clothes just piled on the floor because your kids can’t reach.